Privacy Policy

We value your privacy

Herbal-Health values your privacy of  information  to the core.

We  do  not  use  or  disclose  any  information provided as part of any transaction unless specifically authorized by the individual and this will be limited to testimonials only.

All the information provided such as Name, address,  e-mail  address  or  phone  numbers  are never shared with any sources.

We  do  not  disclose  any  personal  information  to  advertisers  or  other  marketing  firms  for  promotional  purpose,  such  as  credit  card  numbers,  bank  account  number  or  passwords  that  can  be  helpful  in  disclosing  your  identity.  

We  comply  with  the  fact  that  we  would  not  use  your  information  without  your  permission.

Any privacy concerns will be addressed with in the fastest possible time.